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  • 100% Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil
  • A stronger immune system to protect you from infections
  • A healthier heart for all that dancing you will do
  • Liver detoxification, which results in healthier skin
  • Better digestive system to deliver nutrients
  • Reduction of those scary kidney stones
  • Better and more balanced blood sugar levels
  • Cellular energy to strengthen brain cells and helps slow down the onset of dementia
  • Improved metabolic rate for that hot bod
  • Quick calcium absorption for strong bones
  • Boost and strengthen your immune system
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Detoxify your liver of nasty gunk.
  • Tune up your digestive system.
  • Help improve your blood sugar levels.
  • Charge up with cellular energy to aid brain cells
  • Speed up your metabolic rate and reduce your waistline.