About Us


Our Journey

An organic virgin coconut oil company since the beginning, we have been living a heartfelt story of dedication and passion, where we are constantly excited by virgin coconut oil’s versatile yet powerful healing properties. It is the pulse that drives us to produce natural effective products that keep our families and global customers happy. It is our family heritage: we understand it, make it and live by it.


Our virgin coconut oil is cultivated in pristine organic farms and processed at our internationally certified plants, using only first pressed coconuts whereby the coconut meat is turned into milk and extracted meat is discarded. Unlike most companies that condone to multiple pressings to get larger quantities of cost-saving low quality oil, Orifera does not carry out the second, third or fourth pressings because it diminishes the quality of the oil. The first press is a centrifugation process that bears only 5% to 6% yield of pure, luxurious virgin coconut oil that is light in flavor but rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is the key ingredient in Orifera’s range of award-winning health, personal care and bath products.



Our Story

Once there was a man whose quest was to understand the healing properties of the coconut. And in years to come, he would discover organic virgin coconut oil’s marvellous and versatile medicinal properties to heal, nourish and strengthen the human body. He became an expert on virgin coconut oil and expanded his repertoire to specialize in plants and herbs. His work garnered first a Masters, then a PhD from the Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. That man is Dr. Joseph Lim. He founded Orifera in 2004.


While the company had its foundations deeply rooted in Dr. Joseph’s scientific research, it was his sons Aaron and Damien who helped drive the company forward. The brothers developed the company’s R&D capabilities and innovations to catapult the brand into the global market space, securing Orifera’s position as the leading manufacturer of virgin coconut oil based skin care and personal care products. Aaron and Damien share the same passion with their father; they rolled up their sleeves and worked to build proprietary methods in manufacturing to ensure quality in everything from the finest organic virgin coconut oil to the production of high quality products. Their passion for quality led to the attainment of Orifera’s Good Manufacturing Practice certified plants, Jakim Halal Certification and the Global Emerging Organisation in Anti-Aging Award, 2009.


This is the story of the Orifera’s quest. It is a story of passion, hard work and dedication of a family to one of nature’s greatest natural remedies – virgin coconut oil. The endeavor to understand its full medical capacities and health benefits has given a man his greatest discovery, and driven his sons to seek the highest standards of craftsmanship.


This is the story of the birth of Orifera.