Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste
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  • 100% natural anise, fennel, mint and stevia flavour. Free from artificial flavours
  • Consciously made to be vegan, Halal certified, safe and natural.
  • Free from the nasty stuff: fluoride, saccharine, triclosan, parabens and other harmful chemicals.
  • Safe for children and suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Organic virgin coconut oil, Xylitol, Eco-certified amino acid cleansers and dicalcium phosphate for total dental and oral hygiene

Put on your best smile. We’ve got your back with this natural virgin coconut oil toothpaste to envelope you in an unstoppable, irresistible aura of confidence that comes with that smile. That smile is free from bacteria that cause tooth decay, because of virgin coconut oil’s powerful anti-bacterial properties, and Xylitol, a natural plant ingredient that prevents cavities.


Your teeth and gums are naturally clean because of eco-certified amino acid cleansers that don’t strip your mouth’s protective layers. Generic toothpaste brands often contain chemicals that strip the natural protective layer inside your mouth, causing mouth ulcers and other nasty side effects. Expect the proof is in the pudding results because natural dicalcium phosphate, the calcium and gentle abrasive in this toothpaste will give you bright, healthy and whiter teeth, free from plaque. This product works best when used with Oil-Pulling* to fight bacteria, reduce pain, decay and inflammation in your gums and teeth, remove harmful toxins and stains on teeth. Brush your teeth normally after this with Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste for clearer whiter teeth and optimal results.


*Oil-Pulling is an effective remedy done by rinsing your teeth with organic virgin coconut oil for several minutes to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and remove stains and toxins from your mouth. Spit out the oil afterwards, because it will contain germs, toxins and pus “pulled” out from your gums and teeth.

What's in the box

Content : 
150g Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Directions of Use :
Brush with Orifera Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste twice a day. Rinse and spit out after use.

Ingredients :
Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, water, sorbitol, glycerin, hydrated silica, xylitol, pvp, cellulose gum, sodium lauroyl glutamate, potassium cocoyl glycinate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, anethole, menthol, sodium benzoate, stevia rebaudiana extract