Your Guide To Hosting A Safe Party During The Festivities

Your Guide To Hosting A Safe Party During The Festivities

Been a While Since You Hosted a Party? Here are some Tips to Get You Up to Speed!

After being confined to our homes and being away from our loved ones for what seems like forever, we’ve been severed from the human connection that’s deeply embedded in the human DNA. Our basic need as humans is to form, grow and sustain relationships. We are social creatures who crave human interaction through social events such as parties and gatherings that were impeded by the pandemic. What was once carefree parties are now carefully planned out with safety in mind. In that regard, after two years of being restricted, we’ve rounded up some handy tips to get you up to speed in being a host/hostess again.

Keep your gathering small. When we say party, we don’t mean a huge gathering. You can gather your select nearest and dearest instead of throwing a huge rager that comprises the safety of everyone involved.

Consider individual servings. Consider individual servings or “box lunch” style meals so that no one has to share plates of food. This also creates some sense of comfort for guests who choose to dine in a socially distanced manner. Moreover, having personalised meals for guests adds a touch of flair and fun. Surprise your friends by preparing boxes of chocolates or some surprise gift and place it on their place settings with their names visible so there are no mixups.

Prepare COVID-19 testing kits. With no obligation, guests have the choice to choose to take a test before the party to be responsible.

Set a party theme. Streamline your party by setting a theme ahead of the party, perhaps places or locales that were off-limits during the pandemic. Pick the city of love, Paris and have  croissants and cheese platters or a Mediterranean country like Greece with local music playing and Greek-style food.

Play games as an icebreaker. Nothing breaks the ice like a round of board games or charades. This not only takes the awkwardness out of the initial stages of the party, but also allows bonding.

Break out the lawn games. If your home has a lawn, you can spruce things up with classic lawn games such as ring toss, badminton and throwing a frisbee to get your guests on their feet. Ubiquitously place sanitisers around your home so your friends have easy access.

Keep a hygienic bathroom. One of the most important aspects of hosting a party in these unprecedented times is having your bathroom clean as that’s the most frequented area of the home besides the living area. Embellish the space with some aromatics, fresh flowers and disposable towels and most importantly, antibacterial hand soap as well as sanitisers.