Natural Shower Gels - The Better Choice

Natural Shower Gels - The Better Choice

There’s nothing like taking a good shower, especially after a long day at work. The experience is made even more lavish when you incorporate natural shower gels into your routine and pamper your skin with its inherent goodness. Here, we state compelling reasons why Natural Shower Gel is the way to go.

Keep Away From Synthetic Ingredients

Being mindful of what we put into our body doesn’t stop at eating wholesome food and exercising regularly. Studies have discovered that ingredients in mainstream go-to products could cause health issues, from sensitive skin breakouts to cancer. For example, studies have shown that sodium lauryl sulfate, found in non-natural shampoo or body wash can disrupt our skin’s natural barrier and lead to skin irritation. Parabens is another big no-no. This synthetic chemical mimics oestrogen are abundantly found in a myriad of moisturisers, shampoos, shaving gels, and more. This chemical, according to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, can shift the cells in overdrive abnormal breast cell growth. Sadly, the harsh truth is that synthetic fragrances, parabens and the likes are commonly found in almost every product. Remember, knowledge is power. So before purchasing any product, be sure to read the ingredients label and understand what's natural and good for you. A rule of thumb is whatever ingredient that’s hard to pronounce or foreign to you might not be good for you.

Natural moisturiser

The beauty of natural shower gels compared to other cleansers is that it’s moisturising. It creates a thin, invisible film on the skin that retains moisture. Using natural, active compounds such as Lavender (promoting calmness and rich moisture to the skin) Rose (contributing strong aesthetic benefits) Tea Tree (energising properties) and Aloe vera for its (healing properties and contain vitamins A, C, and E), these feed the skin with nourishment, boosting the skin's firmness and moisture levels.

Promoting Good Skin Health

Natural products are concocted in a way that promotes wholesome skincare for everyone and omits the harsh synthetic ingredients that irritates or harms the skin. With natural shower gels, you can rest assured that your skin is moisturised with natural, plant-derived products which support good skin health. Our Natural Shower Gel, concocted from organic virgin coconut oil, aloe vera and chicory root extract moisturises, calms and protects the skin. Armed with prebiotics, this natural cleanser will builds a smooth skin texture and pleasant film that locks in moisture for a healthy, youthful skin.

Reduces the Effects of Allergies

According to research, the fragrance in shower gels comprise allergenic chemicals that can irritate the skin and in some cases, cause allergies. Little did we know that scent while we appreciate the fragrance from a shower gel, the harsh truth is that the scent combinations include solvents, stabilisers, UV-absorbers, preservatives, or dyes — all conveniently left out of the labels. Several of the chemicals are likely to lead to allergies worse health consequences, like butoxyethanol causing skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation or vinyl acetate causing upper respiratory tract irritation.

Comprise powerful ingredients

Formulated to comprise more potent ingredients, natural shower gels that are rich in essential oils, fragrances and vitamins will deliver the best to your skin.


Bar soaps, compared to shower gels are more open to bacteria and contamination. Shower gels on the other hand are typically encased in a bottle with a press nozzle and this is evidently the better choice.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Shower gels easily blend in to your bathroom aesthetics, contributing to a stylish and contemporary space. Its increasing popularity is evident in hotels and other fashionable accommodation facilities.

Fast and Effective

For busy metropolitans who don’t have extra time to waste in the shower, natural shower gels are a godsend. It’s easier to use and rinse off compared to soaps. The result however, remains the same, you will still emerge refreshed and smelling fragrantly.