Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Your Supermum

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Your Supermum

Mothers are silent superheroes; they do everything selflessly for their children, without expecting anything in return and are severely under appreciated. While appreciating your mother should be an everyday affair, spoil her like the queen she is this Mother’s Day. Perhaps a sentimental tribute to the family she's built or could be a cool gadget to keep up with her busy life, or a new piece of at-home workout equipment, or the accessory she'll wear all spring could do the trick. Here’s a well-curated gift guide for this Mother’s Day.

We love Mom Ceramic Tiles

Instead of a plain Jane frame, get something special like a ceramic tile of you and personalise it with a picture of you and your mum. You can also add a few of your favourite images and insert an inspiring quote.


While a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day will certainly earn points across the board, it will wither after some time. So, in lieu of fresh flowers, you can opt for scented soap flowers assembled beautifully in a weave basket which comes with a bow. This way, the ‘flowers’ last longer and exude a lovely scent.

Orifera White Rose of York Face & Body Oil

Stress and other environmental factors can have a detrimental effect on skin health. Gifting her with Orifera’s White Rose of York Face & Body Oil is not only an act of appreciation, but also a beauty treat too.

A Beautiful Platter

Platters of delights such as fruit and cheese have seen a surge of appreciation of late for days of self-indulgence or for gifting. Consider expressing your love for your mum with a decadent platter filled with an array of mini pretzels, crackers, cheese and all kinds of sweet treats. It can work as a tea time treat, a workplace treat or have it delivered to her if you're not staying together - how perfect is that?

Orifera Health Products

They say health is wealth. If you have a health-conscious mum, this is the perfect gift that will bring a smile to her face. Gifting your mum with Orifera’s health products is meaningful, symbolising your care for her health. She might appreciate it far better than other gifts.

FOREO LUNA™ Go For Sensitive Skin

The Foreo Luna Go for sensitive skin is a godsend; a compact-sized spa that your mum can bring along wherever she goes. With its unique T-Sonic technology, the Luna Go beauty device removes 99.5 percent of grime and oil from the skin, as well as make-up residue and dead skin cells. It also further improves the absorption of nutrients from her favourite skincare products.

your mom can enjoy a full skincare routine whenever she wants and wherever she goes.

Orifera Essential Oils

If your mum is still unbeknown to the realm of essential oils, this Mother’s Day might be just the occasion to introduce her to an all-natural essential oil journey to combat discomforts she might face and enhance or improve overall mood.

Royce Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolates because some say that the way to a woman’s heart is through chocolates. Royce chocolate is the creme de la creme, offering quality chocolates that are rich in aroma, flavour and texture. Check out their Pistachio Fair range for something nutty and exotic.