Home Hacks Using Virgin Coconut Oil

Home Hacks Using Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil is the solution to most woes, from being a heart-healthy dietary boost to alleviating just about every skincare, diet, personal hygiene, and health-related issue possible. Besides being great for health and beauty, virgin coconut oil is handy for your home too, with numerous ways to employ it for cleaning and quick fixes. Read on for some handy dandy tips around your abode.

Get Rid of Stubborn, Sticky Tags

You’ve probably had a hard time trying to remove sticky price tags that leave its bits behind, hindering adorable projects involving upcycled glass jars. You no longer have to feel like all hope is lost when there is coconut oil. Its unique texture and chemical properties make it a perfect adhesive remover. First, wash the jar with soap and water and wipe it dry. Then, scrub the sticky bits with coconut oil and you’re ready to repurpose that old jar.

Fix Noisy Door Hinges

Just thinking of a noisy door hinge can irk us. You don’t have to worry about that sound anymore as you can easily silence it with a teaspoon or two of coconut oil. It functions the same way as any lubricant would, serving as an inexpensive alternative. Dab some oil on the hinges and voila!

Add vigour to furnitures

While wooden furniture looks aesthetically pleasing, they can lose their vigour. Give it new life with a quick rub of coconut oil. You can also pair the restoring coconut oil with vinegar and lemon juice to give a boost to its cleaning power if need be.

Clean Showers

Commercial bathroom cleaners can put a dent on our wallets and health with its chemical components. A cheaper and less detrimental alternative is coconut oil and baking soda. This concoction takes ten minutes to work its magic on mildew and grime on the tiles. Wipe clean with a towel and be amazed.

Crayon Marks Begone

There are times when children get too creative and instead of colouring crayons on paper, they go beyond the lines and to the walls. Don’t fret though because coconut can easily remedy this. Just dab some of the oil on a cloth and wipe it off. 

Remove Stubborn Floor Stains

It’s completely normal to have stubborn floor stains that don’t budge no matter what you do. Well, the solution for it, as simple as it may seem, is applying coconut oil directly and on them. You’d find that it comes off with ease now.

Clean and Restore Leather

Coconut oil’s moisturising properties makes it suitable to restore vigour to a dried out leather sofa. It moisturises and cleanses at the same time, thanks to coconut oil’s antibacterial properties, leaving you with a restored leather product.

Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Shiny

Stainless steel appliances like dishwashers and ovens make up most of contemporary home design these days. To keep it looking shiny and brand new for a long time, rub a few teaspoons of coconut oil on their surfaces and these beauties will be looking fresh.

Preserve Wooden Cutting Boards

Just as how coconut oil can revive wooden furniture, similar principle applies to wooden cutting boards which bear the grunt of our cooking endeavours. First, disinfecting your wooden cutting board with vinegar and lemon, then swipe on a layer of coconut oil to keep it moisturised and looking refreshed thus extending its lifespan.

Season a Cast Iron Pan

Having a cast iron skillet is beneficial to your kitchen armoury. Before cooking up the perfect steak in your new skillet, it’s important to season the iron pan properly to create a non-stick and smooth cooking surface. The process comprises blanketing the pan’s surface with a thin layer of oil and baking it in the oven and the best agent for this is coconut oil!


While living in a tropical climate is mostly blissful, pesky mosquitoes can sometimes get in the way of this. Instead of splurging on mosquito repellent patches and sprays, you can DIY your own concoction by amalgamating coconut oil with insect-repelling essential oils like peppermint or tea tree oil and apply it to your skin.

Remove Chewing Gum

Having chewing gum stuck in carpet fibres or tangled in hair can be quite the disaster.  For an all-natural home remedy, grab your handy coconut oil and work it through the mess.

Extend Eggs’ Shelf Life

Fresh and natural eggs are coated in a protective layer that inhibits bad bacteria. Most of the eggs we buy at the store lack this coating, but it can be easily recreated. All you need to do is dip room temperature eggs into coconut oil and let it dry. This way, they have a longer shelf life.

DIY Your Own Laundry Detergent

Some commercial laundry detergent can be sensitive on the skin. To combat this, you can create non-toxic laundry soap by combining lye, water, and essential oils. This DIY detergent will do the job of thoroughly cleansing your clothes while being safe for the skin.

Stave Off Tupperware Stains

Wipe a thin layer of coconut oil to the insides of a Tupperware or food container to stave off unsavoury food stains. You’ll never worry about storing leftover curry or sambal again.

Prevent Dust

Cleaning surfaces can be an ordeal especially if you have lots of bits and bobs as well as embellishments around the house. To prevent constant cleaning, especially hard-to-reach ceiling fans, rub a small amount of coconut oil on wooden or plastic surfaces to prevent the buildup of dust.

Get Rid of Gunk on Your Car

If you park your car under the wrong tree, you’ve probably experienced splattering of unwanted bird poo. Slap some of the miracle coconut oil on any stubborn stains or bird poop on your car hood, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and wipe clean with cloth.