Essential Oils — The Elixir of Life

Essential Oils — The Elixir of Life

Essential oils are more than just hype. These little elixirs might just change your lifestyle forevermore. These gifts from earth bring nature to your home and benefits for the body and mind along with it. Following is a list on how essential oils can better your life.

Healthier skin health and less prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Having flawless skin is the dream of many, and the struggle to achieve it is so real, especially when there are numerous lifestyle factors that contribute to skin health. When laying off the chemical toners and replacing them with essential oils and carrier oils, you’d notice a change to your skin like some pimples might be less inflamed, fine lines become less prominent and the skin gives off a youthful, dewy appearance.

Strong nails and cuticles.

There’s no need to keep away from the nail spa because of your brittle nails any longer. Just diligently apply a few droplets of essential oil to help strengthen and support your entire nail bed.

Good Hair Day, Always

Over the years, more and more renowned hair care brands have been treading the plan-based path and adding carrier oils such as argan and avocado, as you have probably seen on the retail shelves. The simple reasoning behind this is that these companies are aware how our scalp drinks up all the natural benefits that these oils bring.

Help moisturise the driest skin

Essential oils are moisturising in nature so if you suffer from extremely dry, cracked, or flaky skin try essential oils. It serves as immediate moisture relief without the hefty price tag.

Essential oils over commercial products

Choosing the perfect skincare product that works for your skin amid a plethora of different products that claim to do the same thing can be quite the process and expensive too. The same can’t be said about essential oils. After finding just the right essential oil for your needs, you can’t be without it.

Gain awareness about the products you use on yourself, your family, and inside your home.

When essential oils become part of your daily routine, this gives you a whole new perspective on the other products you’re using. You might be more conscious of the ingredients in a product and whether it’s safe for your kids and family. A change in your mindset can have profound differences in the choices you make! 

Freshly-scented home naturally, not synthetically.

Keep away your synthetic fragrances and diffuse essential oils to keep your home smelling freshly as a summer’s day. The beauty of these oils is that you can diffuse it for health reasons like boosting immunity or simply just to freshen your home. The possibilities of blending the essential oils are endless, and what’s more, it won’t be smelling like the conventional store-bought air freshener.

Reduces household toxins with natural cleaners.

Have you ever found yourself sneezing when mopping your house floors or cleaning? That’s because commercial cleaning agents can be quite harsh on the senses and leave a chemical smell. Again, this is not something you would face with essential oils.

Much-deserved beauty rest

There are numerous essential oils that you can use just before bedtime to get you relaxed and cosy and eventually drift you to sweet slumberland. This also works for those having trouble sleeping as it relaxes your body and mind.

Get an energy boost in the morning.

Waking up on a weekday morning can be quite the feat. But if you take a whiff of one of the many pep-enhancing essential oils available, you’ll find the boost you need to start the day. 

Supports mental health.

When it comes to mental health, there’s no easy fix. That said, using essential oils can serve as amazing support to calm the nervous tension, uplift spirit and see the sunnier side of things.

Boosts the romance department.

Light up some candles and diffuse a medley of certain scents to get you in the mood for some intimate moments. Alternatively, if you have been having troubles in paradise, use essential oil to address concerns, like stress, physical discomforts and headaches.

Your fur babies can also reap the benefits.

Your fur babies could use some of the essential oil’s benefits too. Using essential oils with your pets in a safe and responsible way can really enhance your dog’s quality of life.